Blog Archive: February 2018

Afterword to paperback edition of ‘Cleverlands’

In light of the recent comments by the new UK Secretary of State for Education announcing his intention to expand schools that select children by ability at age 11, I thought I would share this afterword with those of you who don’t have the paperback edition.  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- If common sense were to be believed, democracies […]

Why textbooks matter

“Conservative politician endorses textbook use in schools”.

It’s hardly news is it? It’s like announcing “Lady Gaga wears an unusual outfit”.

Who should be responsible for student failure? A blog from Japan

In my old school, we gave our year 10s a study skills pack in the period leading up to their first GCSE exams.

Values education in Japan

I went for a coffee with Susan, an assistant language teacher, in the Starbucks of a small Japanese town. She apologised for the typical ex-pat location of our meeting and introduced me to her partner, Liam, as we queued for Matcha Lattes (a mistake; they look and taste like pond water).

Teacher-led professional development in Singapore

There are sixteen Master Teachers in Singapore. These are the pinnacle of the teaching profession – the teachers that have become experts in teaching their subjects through their many years of experience, research and training.